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Our portfolio

Our current focus is high quality consumer goods and services, green food, high tech, social media and education. We are also interested in fast growing industries and game changing space that meet our investment criteria.

Some representative ventures

Company: Banh Mi Viet
Sector: Food and Beverage
Founder: Dao Nguyen
Stage: Seed
Partnered: 0
Born since year 2008, BanhMiViet aims to standardize the Vietnamese street food “Banh Mi” to the level of franchisee quality: delicious taste, healthful and qualified services. Till 2014, Ba..
Company: Beanies’ Crepes & Waffles
Sector: Food and Beverage
Founder: Binh Nguyen
Stage: Seed
Partnered: 16/10/2013
“Sharing appetite” - Beanie' Crepes & Waffles helps Vietnamese customers experience famous foreign street foods without having expensive traveling plans...
Company: Blueway
Sector: Education
Founder: Huy Luong
Stage: Early
Partnered: 15/05/2012
Established in 2010, Blueway is run by a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic founders. The motto “We strive to lead in the field of researching & deploying advance education soluti..
Company: MyProClub 2.0
Sector: Media
Founder: Duy Le
Stage: Seed
Partnered: 1/16/2012
MyProClub is a social platform that connects entrepreneurs, professionals, manager-owners and investors to exchange, collaborate and invest into highly potential business ventures in Vietnam..
Company: CloudWare
Sector: Technology
Founder: Thanh Tran
Stage: Seed
Partnered: 10/6/2011
Cloudware was established based on the idea of developing a model for ERP companies in Vietnam with its very own characteristics. The project began in October 2011 and is in the finished pr..