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The 1st program of “Accompanying with start-ups” year 2014 has got remarkable achievements. Some representative results could be: (1) the Red Cat Motion team found a strategic partner which boosted up their business to the next level; (2) The project GardenBomb got the attention of Synergy Investment Fund and others angel investors from MPC network, and (3) The project Vexere received funding support from EXAtrueCloud, and the project BanhMyViet won a  business consulting package from PVNi Fund. The others got also great supports and consults from experts to enrich their experience and better run their business.

Nếu thấy game hay các bạn hãy tải ola chát và giới thiệu cho bạn bè cùng chơi qua ola nhé

As the consequence, MyProClub organized the 2nd Program “Accompanying with Start-ups” year 2014 to help connecting 1 vs 1 between mentor and start-up. Start-ups had the chance to get supports from experts to solve their own problems, focusing on their own ideas, as a results, better finding fundamental solusions to succeed.



The program “Accompanying with business start-ups” year 2014 includes 2 rounds: In round 1:  Business projects submitted their ideas via online portal During this phase, experts from PVNi will help them to polish their projects, identify their key strong points to build at least a business plan before proceeding to the second round.  In round 2: start-ups will have chances to work 1 vs 1 with their mentor(s), who are selected based on the two-sides match of the investigation process.

Nâng cấp lên tài khoản kim cuong để được những ưu đãi tốt nhất cho tài khoản kim cuong.

This time, the organizer team received 39 projects locating from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh city in a variety of fields. This reflects the dynamic environment of start-ups in Vietnam.

After the selecting and evaluating process, 20/39 projects enter the second round,

20 outstanding projects and their key mentors are listed as below:




The café meeting between Mentors and Startups took place at the Institute of Entrepreneurship Education (YUP) with the presence of 18/20 startups and 15/20 mentors. The others met their mentor(s) in different schedule or via online communication.

Round 2: Meeting 1 mentor – 1 start-up

After the working with projects, mentors evaluated them on five criteria: ideas, potential market, team, feasibility and investment possibility. Among those, Vinalo, BLK Cocoa, and TOXBadge are the top three projects who won the great attentions from mentors, experts and angel investors from MPC network. is a social networking based on location in Vietnam. This was born with the desire to create a international Vietnam branding. Vinalo is a social platform to help users to find and share information of any places and their real experiences. The information could be as simple as phone numbers, addresses, photos ... or comments, assessments of practical experiences for a certain location. Gaining by sharing, users themselves will get the great uses of information that they build up via Vinalo platform.

This project is developed by an E-commerce Co.: ICLICK Ltd. The first version was released on June 5th of 2014 and a consecquence of upgrading user intefaces and advanced features on August 25th of 2014. Vinalo is looking for strategic partners or person in charge of Business Admisnistration and Human Resouces.

Nếu chán các trò game bài các bạn hãy tải ngay ninja school về chơi thử nhé - ninja school


Mentor Nguyen Tien Huy worked with Project Cocoa BLK, Chocolate Vietnam


"Vietnam will no more export raw materials at low price and import high price cocoa products". BLK is now confident about the ability to make any products from cocoa. At the meanwhile, BLK can produce dark chocolate 75% at 10 kg/5 days and cocoa butter at 3-4kg/10 days. With the aim to build a global ranking brand of Vietnamese cocoa, BLK is calling for   supporting with investment, legal advisory, marketing and distribution.




Mentor Vu Thai Ha worked with project TOXBadge



TOXBadge aims to consult career orientation for students. Online tests will be distributed to students to help them understanding themselves, identifying the needs of necessary skills which they have to develop. Together with other training centers, a badges will be included in students’ CV after the students to learn any skill. Those help both students and their future employees save lots of efforts to find their match. TOXBadge is in need of supporting with long-term development strategy, and how to bring this product to market.



Not only the three projects, the others have also the scholarships from BSSC for a start-up training course, one packet of free hosting from EXA Truecloud, and lots of recommendations of good values from other mentors. Those projects have also be informed to the other angel investors in MPC network, which increase their chances to boost up in the near future.

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