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“Startup Entrepreneurs Fellows Program 2014”

With the aims to support start-ups as well as giving prominence to the roles of mentors and investors when it comes to setting up business models for young entrepreneurs, MyProClub co-operated with PVNi Fund and Sai Gon Hub to hold the event namely “ Startups Entrepreneurs Fellows Program 2014”


This program is established on the basis of a new structure in which one mentor works closely with one founder, promoting greater interaction between two sides. Mentors give founders advices on how to solve their urgent problems and draw up specific plans of developing products and services. Besides, not only do founders have an opportunity to persuade mentors to support their ventures but also to attract capitals from funds or other investors. This program’s purposes are to create a professional environment in which entrepreneurs could share their resource for the good cause of building a strong start-up community in Vietnam. Forty different projects, from both Hanoi and Hochiminh city, varying from technology, social media, and transportation to education, food, and fashion enthusiastically took part in the schedule.  One interesting point is that a number of projects are in field of high quality consumer services such as BanhMyViet, NamTuoiCuoi, LowCarb, Oriyoung, Sprouts, Coffee Bird, and others. This indicates the new startup trend toward healthy and clean F&Bs in Vietnam.


After careful examination, fourteen from forty ones potential projects are selected to join the second round. Face-to-face meetings, specific and detailed problem solving and other chances of business relationship building with other start-ups and investors, VC funds such as PVNi, Hop Luc Fund, Sai Gon Hub co-working space, Demo Asian, EXA TrueCloud, Pandora Project and so on are great benefits to those winning teams.


Image 1: List of winning projects


Image 2: Mentors participate the programs


The startups in Ho Chi Minh City are directly supervised via café series in SaiGonHub, while the others in Ha Noi, Da Nang meet their mentors via online communication. Beyond distance, all participants are satisfied with the real values from the program, by far better than wasting time on other short-term events which dealing more with media except actual business problems.



Image 3: “Startup Entrepreneurs Fellows Program 2014” meeting 1


Image 4: “Startup Entrepreneurs Fellows Program 2014” meeting 2



Some representative startups: BanhMiViet, Red Cat Motion, Vexere, Namtuoicoi and Gardenbomb.


Image 5: Founder at Banh Mi Viet shared the plan for launching their new branch


With the endless passion for making fresh and healthy bread for Vietnamese people, Mr Nguyen Viet Dao wishes to make  BanhMiViet to become as well-know as any other fast-food brand names all overthe world. Recently,  BanhMiViet has launched and operates  successfully  4  branches in Ho Chi Minh city. The next plan is to perfect the manufacturing process and franchising business models to deliver high quality products before expanding the chains across Vietnam.


Image 6: Founder at Red Cat Motion work with Mr Nguyen Tien Huy


Red Cat Motion is currently successful project, which produces 2D and 3D animation videos. This is considered to be an effective technique to attract the audience as well as encourage them to purchase their products. Mr Nguyen Tien Huy, mentor in charge of this project, believes that Red Cat Motion will achieve greater success because of their own values: their fresh and trendy technology, excellent team with good mindset, endless passion and a typical start-up culture in their company.


Image 7: Founders at ve xe re work with Mr Do Binh Duong


Vexere, one of those high evaluated projects by the mentors, is built on a practical business idea of buying tickets in peak time in Vietnam. They have a good team, clear idea and precise business strategy. Beside the constructive advices from mentor Do Binh Duong, this team has also supports from mentor Huynh Bao Toan, from Microsoft Viet Nam. Who share many experience about technical issues in building such a neffective and user-friendly platform. Vexere project gets also fund from Cyber Agent Fund.

Namtuoicuoi,  Stylelse,  Garden Bomb have reached considerable achievements so far but they still  face quite a few difficulties regarding building business strategies, finding funds to develop their own businesses. They also get great feedback from the mentors and satisfy of the program.


Image 8: Founder at Nam tuoi cuoi shared the project goals in 2014 with Mr Tran Cong Thanh

Image 9: Founder at stylelse project worked with  Mr Ho Hong Bao Tram



The program “Startup Entrepreneurs Fellows Program 2014” came to an end with many awesome results. To be specific, Mr Nguyen Tien Huy decided to join in Red Cat Motion as the team leader. Hop Luc Fund shows interests in GardenBomb project. Vexere and Lozi are rewarded a sponsorship package from EXA trueCloude. Banh Mi Viet won a consulting service package from PVNi fund. Furthermore, the 14 projects after the event have received valuable opportunities to pitch themselves in front of the angle investors from Myproclub and other funds in the next MPC offline 2014.

This program has also attracted more media partners and startup organizers to co-operate in building and developing startup community.


Image 10: The representative of EXA trueCloud - Mr Le My Ha


MyProClub business lounge 4th will be organized in the beginning of June. Angle investors, professionals and entrepreneurs can now register this event via this link:

Some information about the previous meetings:


Image 11: Offline Business Loungue MPC 2nd


Image 12: Offline Business Loungue MPC 3rd



According to the plan of this year, MyProClub will hold the event “Startup in University” with the aim to encourage the startup spirit in young students. Who prove to be strongly passionate for starting up their own business. If you have any questions regarding this upcoming event, feel free to contact us at:



or hotline 0938.275.699( Ms.Nhi)


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