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International Data Group IDG ASEAN is going to organize the second training workshop for start-ups in Vietnam with the topic “IS YOUR PRODUCT REALLY POTENTIAL?

On February 25th  at the Grand Hotel (8 Dong Khoi, Dist.1, HCMC), International Data Group IDG ASEAN is going to organize the second training workshop for start-ups in Vietnam with the topic “IS YOUR PRODUCT REALLY POTENTIAL?” This training program is in the framework of the 2nd DEMO ASEAN, in which from January to July 2014 IDG ASEAN is going to hold monthly training program in order to help Vietnamese start-ups realize and develop their strengths as well as correct their weaknesses. The first training workshop which took place in January 2014 with the topic “How to make investors listen to you?” attracted a majority of Vietnamese start-ups.


However, beside weak presentation, another weakness of Vietnamese start-ups is incapability to evaluate their own products. In fact, investors are very concerned about the products of Vietnamese start-ups as they often overvalue them. What is the reason for this? According to experts, most of Vietnamese start-ups lack the vision of market demand, survey, competitors study, weak study of their own products. All of these make Vietnamese start-ups subjective and as a result, miss out the potential investments. So how do start-ups have the exact view of the products’ potential? What can they position their products compared with others’? How can they persuade investors that their products are more potential in the market? In the recent years, start-ups haven’t answered those questions and as a result, Vietnamese start-ups haven’t been able to make a breakthrough.


The training program “Is your product really potential?” is going to help Vietnamese start-ups to answer most of the above questions. The main content of the workshop “Is your product really potential?” includes the following points:



Opportunities and challenges for start-ups?

Potential elements of products?

Three outstanding technology trends in 2014?

What you should know about startup in technology

How to make your products outstanding in front of investors

Potential products from the perspective of investors


As planned, this training program is honored to welcome the presence of speakers from Vietnam and the US:



Mr. Pham Hop Pho – Vice President, IDG Ventures Vietnam


Ms. Truong To Linh – Co-founder & CEO of, an e-commerce & e-payment expert as well as 7 year experience in marketing, business development and operation of B2C


Mr. Hoang Vu – CEO of Radius Online (US)


Mr. Kevin Tung Nguyen – Co-founder of Ivylish LLC, part of Radius Online US


Mr. Toan Huynh - Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Vietnam with more than 13 years of experience in software development and worked on many various positions in software companies. He has worked as an Engineer Manager at CSC Vietnam and Principal Software Engineer at FCGV.


Mr. Au Duong Dat – Chairman VHT, more than 10-year experience in software development, ERP/CRM consulting, telecommunications industry including mobile added services.


Mr. Nguyen Minh Kha - Deputy Director & Co-Founder of NCT Corp. Sensitive to new technologies and deeply knowledgeable about Internet market.


Mr. Nguyen Minh Quang – Founder and Director of external relations of 1Pay, one of the winners of DEMO ASEAN 2013 and experienced in DEMO FALL in Silicon Valey.


According to the board of organizers, the training program will be divided into two different parts. The former part is presentations from experts and Q&A session at the end. The latter is presentation from start-ups and direct sharing from expert to improve the products.



The series of training program organized by IDG ASEAN is in the framework of 2nd DEMO ASEAN for start-ups in technology and e-commerce in order to present their products in front of experts and investors. By participating in this event, Vietnamese start-ups can either improve their knowledge or have the opportunities to meet domestic and foreign investors. In these training programs, the board of organizers combines the format of global DEMO to help Vietnamese start-ups familiarize with presentation and gain the competitive advantage for the final round of DEMO ASEAN in HCMC July, 2014.



For further information, please contact:

Ms. Thu Hoang:

Mobi: 0938.99.60.93


Add: Room 502, 79 Truong Dinh, District 1, HCMC

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