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Myproclub Business Lounge 3rd

On Saturday, 12th, 2013 the 3rd MyProClub business lounge was successfully organized at Sai Gon Hub, 27B Nguyen Dinh Chieu str. Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh city. With the focus on “Angel Investors – Who they are?”, the event brings a lot of experiences and networking chances for start-ups, entrepreneurs, private investors and other representatives from university clubs and organizations working in supporting start-ups.


MyProcClub is a special network for start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors with the aim to bring silicon valley to Vietnam. With supports from PVNi, MPC provides an online platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs ( to get networking, finding partners, sharing ideas and pitching with investors. On the other sides, a closed network for investors where members can exchange ideas, networking, proposing discounts while using products and services of each other will bring more benefits of premium members and enables more opportunities of investment in Vietnamese market.



Nhi Nguyen – Executive of MPC community presents the overview about the ecosystem of start-ups and investment in Vietnam.


The main purpose of this MPC business lounge is to connect all the companies and organizations operating in the field of supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs. Which helps better use common resources and bring more benefits to their customers – start-ups.

Some of key representative partners of MPC which support start-ups:



  • Our media partners: Action, Gik, Pandora, Vcamp, Techasia
  • Condensed programs for start-ups; starting-up contests:: Demo Asia, Barcamp, Startup Weekend, TexMekong, Hackday, Khoi nghiep cung kawai, Giai thuong tai nang Luong Van Can…
  • The startups training, consulting, coaching: Seedfund, Yup, VYE, Topical, Hong Duc Law…
  • The startups incubators: Sai Gon Hub,, GekkoSpace…



The insider start-ups ideas: start-up ideas, which come from experienced professionals, are often realistic and doable than others. In MPC 3rd business lounge, two ideas are discussed and get many positively of value feedbacks.



1. Proskill Project: New model of corporate trainings



  • Proskills can help to solve the currently common issue of corporate managers, employees and the traditional training models in helping learners to know “how to work”, which need specific skills and experiences, which can only be provided by professional trainers.
  • Develop a new enterprise training platform base on cloud application
  • Provide a training solution package (pre - consolidated Designed & training courses )
  • Maintain the sustainable development through organic trainer , focus on each factor and focusing on each area and expand the resources



Mr Ngo Minh Hai – Proskills Project


2. Pandora Project: A special coaching programs with “in field” trainings and dealing with actual issues in business operations.



Mr Do Binh Duong is sharing his interesting example with Forbes Vietnam magazine


Additionally, Mr Jason Khai Hoang – Co-founder of Saigon Hub has some sharing about the co-working space that enables entrepreneurs better manage their resources.



Jason Khai Hoang – Sai Gon Hub Co-working space


The panel discussion session is also get many attentions. “VC Investment in Vietnam – a challenge?” is the main topic.  Hosted by Mr Duy Le – Managing partner of PVNi, the session is actively discussed by participants on investing challenges in both the due diligence procedures and the operations and executions after VC’s investment contracts.

The first consideration on investors’ side is the quality of ideas. A VC fund receives bunch of ideas everyday but rare of them are of value. A bad experience in Vietnam is the fact that almost all ideas are dummy copycats from foreign models. These ideas are not well investigated, lack of an executable plan and often missing a addressable market research.


Secondly, Start-ups in Vietnam are enthusiastic, devoted but often lack of knowledge and not well prepared or sometime, very naïve. The start-up teams are often lacking of experience and relationships, sustainable skills in leadership and business operation. Which drive investors away from many potential projects. That’s why founder teams are addressed the most important factors contributing to the success of VC investments, especially in Vietnam.


The other challenge after investment is operations and executions. Obviously what are on plan & agreements have to be adjusted in reality applications. Difficulties often come from the low quality of human resources in Vietnam, which limits successful recruitments, delay in product development, financial constrains and others unexpected issues.




Among the potential solutions to overcome the above issues, Mr Nguyen Tien Huy provides a guideline for start-ups while defining their products and services. The interesting topic is  “How customer – centric, are you?” If start-ups can follow their end-users’ journey and understand their needs and feelings before they have even to ask, they can get the satisfaction of end-users that are mainly the key for a successful entrepreneur.




Mr Nguyen Tien Huy – Ogilvy One WorldWide Viet Nam


Another partner of MPC presenting at the offline event is is an investment advisory company backed by experienced management team, advisors and reputable partners. aims to become effective connection between idea and capital, startups and investors and between different elements in startups ecosystem.



Ms Ho Hong Bao Tram – the representative of Seedfund is presenting about their business model


MyProClub aims to build up an effective community for start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors in Vietnam. The plan for next year is to bring Silicon Valley to Vietnam by organizing events and start-ups clubs in universities. Beyond that, we address on providing more supports, networking, useful consulting and training for start-ups, and build a closed network for professionals who are in search of investment opportunities and business relationships.

For more information:


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