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PVNI officially invested in Blueway

After six months of working together on the deal, PVNI officially invested in Blueway E&I Corp. on May 15, 2012


Established in 2010, Blueway is run by a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic founders. The motto “We strive to lead in the field of researching & deploying advance education solutions, effectively applying information technology to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam”.


The first product marked their start-up is the English learning Flashcards for students & teenagers. It is not a new & strike method of learning English, but not get its popularity in the Vietnam market. BlueUp (Officially name of English learning Flashcards by BlueWay) can be said to be the first basically well-designed English learning Flashcards product. Which recently wins the acceptant of the market and brings in good revenue. BlueUp is now easily found in bookstores, English learning centers and online merchant websites.


Currently focusing on TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS, BlueUp – English vocabulary learning flashcards are impressively designed with witty paintings and scientifically vocabulary arrangement. Those increase the effectiveness of the English learning method using flashcards and match the need of a mass scale of young people who want to study English faster and with more fun. Not just the contents, we can easily see the sophisticated efforts of BlueWay team in every detail of BlueUp: smooth papers, stainless rings, luxury lanyard, and convenience/ easy to carry in size.


Along with the paper flashcards, BlueWay offers the companion programs of online testing center, studying guide & help portal and a promising line of products that will be present in the market soon. In a recent future, the brand of BlueWay will be associated with the image of a leading corporation in the Vietnam market in providing English learning tools & solutions, in contribution of the economy’s development generally.


Beside the fact that their field of operation is Education (A priority in selection criteria of PVNI), BlueWay has a team with strong start-up spirits: market sensitivity, creativity learning eagerness and dare to win. That’s the main motivations of investment decision of PVNI. We do believe that BlueWay will achieve the fast & sustainable development to reach the leading position in their aiming market. Strong founder team with promising start-up ideas of BlueWay, bold experience and capital from PVNI under a reliable co-operation are the key to success.


To learn more about the flashcard BlueUp products, please visit:


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