Giới thiệu các cá nhân khởi khiệp tiêu biểu từ dịch vụ mua bán điện thoại vertu chính hãn, thiet ke web, thue may chu aosua may bom nuoc tphcm thành công sau những năm tháng cố gắng miệt mài không ngừng phấn đấu!



1. What is PVNi? MPC?


Myproclub is a network whose members are professionals, talented and successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors and venture funds as partners. MyProClub members can exchange start-up ideas, discussing and updating all startups and investment information even looking for funding via the website www.myproclub.comor through regularly events called” MyProClub Business Lounge”

Prosperous Viet Nam Investment Corporation (PVNi) – a venture capital network investing in highly potential start-ups in Viet Nam. As prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs who run successful companies every day, They help to provide the chances for teams rising up their ideas, finding partners and getting supports, consultants  and funding.


2. How to become MPC’s members?


It is easy to become regular members of MPC by accessing our site at and taking part in our activities.

If you want to become an official member of MPC, you must have a recommendation from another official member or the approval from MPC Administrators.


3. How to co-operate with us?


You can refer to useful and detailed instructionsfor co-operating with us via Beyond investment and fund managing services, PVNi welcomes all customers who need supports in consulting, guidance in project writing and other professional services.


4. How MPC runs?


Web portal is organized as a social media platform where MPC’s members can exchange ideas; reading news, sharing documents; blogging; discussing and updating startups and investment information. Under supports from PVNi, MPC members can startup themselves, risingfunds from PVNi, MPC’s investors or other funds.

- Regular offline

The event “MyProClub Business Lounge” is regularly held to keep the network members closer connected, providing the chances for the startup teams rising up their ideas, finding partners and getting both supports and funding.


5. What PVNi can bring you?


Your start-ups get not only funding but also consulting from PVNi and other professionals in MPC network. We support start-ups in developing ideas, finding appropriate partners, completing prototypes, building business models, and defining organization charts, capital structures and many more.

PVNi also invests in enterprises, which want to extend their business. Beyond that, we are providing other service packages such as start-up consulting, business strategy development and so on.



6. What are evaluation criteria of PVNi about startup ideas?


We focus on people, not ideas. It means we do not buy startup ideas. However, PVNi is more than welcome to help outstanding entrepreneurs to develop their promising ideas to market-defining and market-leading companies.

Some of our evaluation criteria:

- The experienced startup team

- The potential niche market

- A qualified startup team

- The idea is suitable with our strength & focus


7. Can I come to PVNi with the idea only?

PVNi welcomes all of people who are passionate, enthusiastic and having potential ideas. If you can persuade us about the potentiality of your idea’s success in the near future, we ensure to invest 100% in funding and supporting you to build your start-up. Certainly you deserve to have a fair share corresponding to contribution.


8. How to protect my product or Idea when introduce them to PVNi?


Ideas will forever remain in paper without the owners who has passion, enthusiasm and high determination to turn them into reality. Without owners’ effort, no one can better build the business. On the other side, PVNi wants to build a strong co-operation between entrepreneurs and investors (PVNi or others from MPC) based on trust and transparency. It is partnership, not a investors – start-up relation.

PVNi does not sign any nondisclosure agreement, but we have privacy regulations to protect your idea and ensure that your information is safe with us.


9. What is the due diligence process of PVNi?  How to valuate a startup business?


This is an interactive process with the mix of investment & consulting of PVNi and the development of start-ups. Start-ups will be consulted from the very beginning stages such as completing ideas, planning, writing business plan, producing prototype and testing for market responses. The next stages are also supported to build business model, rising funds and planning for further development. During the process, PVNi will apply a due diligence procedure associated with every stages to evaluate the do ability, potentiality of the project, determining the corporate’s value, ownership structure before making the investment decisions.


10. How long does it take to get PVNi’s feedbacks after sending the startup project?


It depends on your co-operation with the fund. On our side, PVNi ensures to give feedbacks one week the latest since the first email from start-ups.


11. What information is required for PVNi’s evaluation?


PVNi has a checklist of evaluation criteria, which correspond to every stage in the due diligence process. We will request the information when needed.


12. How about the disbursement process after signing the investment agreement?


The investment contract includes an addendum, which have the detailed terms and milestones in business visions. The disbursements are associated with the milestones in business plan and as in agreement.


13. Our Consulting Service Packages are includes:



14. What is PVNi’s business valuation methods? Are they fair to entrepreneurs?


Business Valuation is a fair process base on win – win negotiation model. PVNi uses scientific and objective approaches to make assumptions become realistic to determine the intrinsic value of the project. After investing, we are also partners in developing the business. It means we together build a bigger cake, not considering some fragments of the smaller one.


15. What about PVNi’s Portfolio?


Our current focus is high quality consumer goods and services, green food, high tech, social media and education. We are also interested in fast growing industries and game changing space that meet our investment criteria