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Contact information

Prosperous Vietnam Investment Corporation

04 Phan Thuc Duyen Street, Ward 4,Tan Binh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(+84 8) 66 825 383



Office Hours:
Monday - Friday,
8-30AM - 5-30PM
Vietnam Standard Time (GMT+7)

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Business Plan Guide:
Make sure you need to cover, at the minimum, the following information (in either English or Vietnamese, PowerPoint or Word) before sending to us for investment consideration:

1. Executive Summary: Key highlights in one page

2. The Idea/Concept: What makes you come up with the business idea? What problem you are trying to solve? Brief the idea/concept

3. Market Analysis & Your Aim: How big is the market, any facts to back you up?

- What is your aim in that market?
- Includes Marketing & Sales Plan details with positioning strategy (Price, Product, Product Mix, Location, etc.)
- How fast the market is growing?

4. Products & Services: What you plan to create or provide?

- Highlights the differentiators of your approach compared to other competitors'
- Detailed plan to get it into operational mode
- Key risks and challenges you foresee

5. Financial Projections: Your business model, setup cost, funding sources, revenue stream, expenses, profits, etc.

- If possible, add all worst case, best case and most likely scenarios
- Includes industry financial performance if you have any

6. Management Team: Background details and expertise/specialties of your key members.

- Includes advisors if you have any
- Attached resumes are recommended

7. Supplementary Information: Any other information that is helpful and adds additional value to the business case

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